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This blog is an experiment.

The title of the Blog will be shared between myself and Johnathan Laing @wantingmoreltd.
We will write separate blogs and publish them at the same time.

The hope is we will come up with differing concepts and you can take the ideas from them and apply them in your own life. If successful this will be the start of a series of, well I guess the right phrase would be ‘blog off’s.’

Enjoy the blog..

In a recent debate between friends we started to riff on the idea that nothing is real. Nothing.

This blog does not exist, the internet does not exist, the people around you are not real.

We are, essentially, living in a world created by our imagination.
Immediately I started thinking if there was an opportunity in this topic, something to write about. I have to confess by brain started to hurt, real quick, at the idea of our lives being manufactured by something ethereal, something undefined and led as our imagination.

Think The Matrix and multiply it by a hundred and this is how much my head was hurting.

If we assume for a moment that we are real, that we have a say in how we lead our life and that we only have one shot at this, we are our imagination.

What I mean by this is we can create a goal,and it is absolutely something we can achieve. The only thing stopping you from achieving that goal/vision is you.

Most of us are great at coming up with an idea or a plan. How many people do you know that come up with a great business idea, an app or a website that will be the next big thing? Oh, this happens on a weekly basis? How many of them are just as great at making the idea become a reality? Oh, none?

We are great at dreaming but not great at achieving.
The one thing that separates the people who look back and claim they could have been the next Zuckerberg, to the one that actually is the next Zuckerberg, is the desire to act and the reality of them making it happen.

Our brains are hardwired for self-preservation. This goes all the way back to cavemen times when man had a choice. Create the wheel (yes, I know this happened eventually) or avoid being eaten? It was an easy choice to make. Thousands of years later, our base instincts have not changed.

Today we have the opportunity for our imagination to create all manner of incredible stories/products/ideas. In many instances we go into self-preservation mode and create valid (at least in our mind) reasons as to why we should stop what we are doing/thinking.

When someone asks you the question ‘What’s stopping you?’ the following answers will often be tripped out.

‘I could fail and look stupid in front of my peers.’
‘I might have to take on even more responsibility if this thing works.’
‘Who is going to manage my work load if my idea takes off.’
‘I would have to leave my job to make this work.’
‘I have big mortgage payments and a family to look after.’
‘Everyone will think my idea is nuts, better to keep quiet.’

We become our imagination and our imagination creates a reason(s) to not do something, essentially allowing us to fail.

What if someone asked you a different question? ‘What’s starting you?’

It sounds odd when you read the question, or say it out loud.

Ultimately it goes back to the original goal/vision you have. Where do you want to be and what do you want to achieve? The idea of ‘what’s starting you?’ is to tap into the emotion of what makes you excited about the idea in the first place?

Imagine if people asked you this question, instead of a question that invokes fear and excuses.

We are our imagination.

If we choose to imagine ourselves as idea generators and importantly action focused, then we will achieve more than we originally set out to.

Do not focus on what might go wrong, but on what will go right.

If people are telling you it can’t be done or should not be done, this is exactly the reason for doing something.

There are multiple examples of people who broke the barrier on what could not be done.

Steve Jobs
Mark Zuckerberg
Usain Bolt
Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin ( I could not just pick one)
Walt Disney
Bill Gates
Nelson Mandela

The list could go on. The point is, they all had a goal and a vision – something their imagination created. They became their imagination and left a legacy which will have and is having a profound effect on the world.

You could be on that list if you so chose.

We are our imagination.

Believe and Take Action

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