The Three People You Need To Speed Up Your Success

Speed Up Your Success

I want to share with you the three people you need to speed up your success.

Three people. That’s it.

The number of people needs to be a lot higher, right?
How can such a small group of three people have such a big impact?

Let me introduce three people you are likely to know well, how they can help and how this will help speed up your success.

Your Manager

Actually it does not have to be your manager.

It could be another senior manager, but it needs to be someone working in a more senior position to yourself.

What are they good at? How did they get to where they are? What do they do well?

Have you wondered ‘How do they do that?’ 

Ask them.

Seriously. Ask them.

Don’t create excuses about how busy their schedule is or you will appear stupid if you ask them..

Most people love to share a skill or help point someone in the right direction. 

Think about it. You want the people in your team to improve and if you could help them you would, right?

Your boss is the same.

If they can help you overcome an obstacle they will.

If it is not a skill you want to improve then perhaps a behaviour?

What do they do well that you would like to emulate?

Perhaps they show great diplomacy, or they are great at public speaking.

Whatever it is you can be guaranteed they will be working to a code. A system that helps them, making it look easy and natural.

Again, ask them.

If you don’t want to do this observe what they are doing and imitate it. In doing so you will establish what works well and what does not.

You create your code and make it your own.


You will have your own style as a leader.

Everyone is working towards the same goals. The specific way you go about your day-to-day work will be unique to you. 

Take a look at your peer group.

If you were to rank your own performance against their performance how would you rank?

For those above you in the ranking why are they performing at a higher standard?

What can you learn about their performance? How can you adapt and integrate this into your own performance?

If you believe you are the best performer in your peer group then use the same exercise as you have done with your boss.

You won’t be fantastic at everything. What do your peers do that you would like to better at? How can your learn from them and strengthen your own performance?

Perhaps you could trade skills when learning from them. In return for learning how they do something your could return the favour?

Direct Report

Jump back two or three years. Who in your team is doing a better job right now, than you were when you were doing this job?

How are they doing this? What is driving them? What can you learn from them? What are the daily frustrations of the job and how can you help with this?

How can you share this learning with the rest of the team so they can enhance their own performance?

Are they someone with a high potential?

Have you discussed their development and where they will be in the next 12 months? Could they be your successor?


The people on your list will change over time.

You may move into a new role, work with different peers or your boss may move on.

The basics remain the same. Keep the list at no more than three people. Ask them how they do what they do. Get them to show you how they do it. Then take it and make it your own.

Using this approach shows you are curious, open to learning and wanting to improve on a regular basis.

Three is the magic number.

I would love to hear from you if you choose one or all of these options and how it helped to speed up your success!

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