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Not my usual thing and I want to play around with different content in 2016, as well as the usual Blog content.

I have just watched a great documentary about the British street artist Banksy. A divisive character for many reasons but an intriguing one, none the less.

The documentary focuses on a residency Banksy held in New York, October 2013. Every day he would create a new piece of work, ranging from his most famous stencil graffitti to a truck full of stuffed animals (Google ‘Sirens of the Lambs’).

This clip below focuses on a stall, set up on a street in New York, selling what people think are reproductions of Banksy’s work. They are, however, original pieces, signed by Banksy – selling for $60 each.

The New York public realise they are the genuine article, the following day, via his website.

What is interesting is the perception of value.

In the clip, the art work is being sold at $60 a piece – generating the odd browser but very little interest until later in the day.

If the same pieces are in a gallery (each pieces is estimated around $250,000 – wait until you see the guy from Chicago, who wants some ‘stuff’ for his house) they have an instant audience who believe $250,000 is ‘the right price’ for an art piece like this and are prepared to pay for it.

Is any piece of art worth this amount?

Are we influenced by the media, a desire to be part of something, to have bragging rights if we are rich enough?

Maybe this is the point Banksy was trying to make, that many of us do not truly know the value of what we have.

Other examples, where price will alter perception, spring to mind – wine for example.

Does a bottle at $150 really taste ten times better than a bottle at $15?

Perception is everything.

Believe and take action.

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