Positive Action is the Key to Killing Positive Intent

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When we talk about our own personal failings we often focus on our intent and attempt to apply a positive slant.

When we talk about others we oftent focus on their behaviour and it will often draw out the negative.

Odd, don’t you think?

Why would we talk about intent (we wanted do it but x,y,z got in the way) when we are in the hot seat, but behaviour when we are judging others (yes, we are judging, whether we like it or not)?

When we talk about our intentions we often talk a good game, but there is normally something missing – positive action.

As an example I have an intention to lose weight, to get out there and run up numerous hills in the wind and rain. In reality my behaviour is to stuff my face with cake. Lots of cake.

I could spend the next ten years imagining how I want to look, but unless I take positive action and change my behaviour, everything will stay the same.

We will often invent reasons, to comfort ourselves, as to why we took no action.
‘I have a family, I have a social life, I need to rest, I’ve not slept, I will do it tomorrow, I have too much on at work. Is that cake?
Delete as appropriate

When issues in our life go wrong we often blame it on bad luck and circumstances.
Whilst environment and circumstance can be a factor to some extent, ultimately the choices we make determine the lives lead.

Are you making choices that lead you to the life you want?
If not, why not?

Spend time reflecting on what you want, why you want it and importantly what positive action you are taking to achieve this.

You can achieve far more than you think is possible, you just have to believe it and take action.

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