Just Say Yes


Imagine you said yes, if someone asked something of you – every single time…

I can sense the excitement from some of your.
Equally I can sense the fear and trepidation, as the single bead of sweat rolls down your neck and on to your back.

‘It is impossible to say yes to everything, every single time.’

If you truly believe this then you will make it so.

Whether we are leading people, in relationships of just looking to lead a life with purpose in most cases being of service to others is key. Some elements of culture and society do not always reflect this and if you were to look at certain sections of social media, media print and reality TV the message is often clear – look after yourself, no one else will.

I understand this sentiment and I encourage you to do the same. Understand it, but do not live by the same idea. Think about a time when someone has had a massively positive influence in your life – Seriously, do this right now, before you read on.

There may well have been a benefit for them personally (I’m not sure there is ever such a thing as a selfless act – but this is another blog altogether!), but there will have been a far greater benefit for you. Their kindness and their desire to ‘be of service’ to you is the reason why you reflect on this moment and smile (I bet you did not even realise you were smiling!).

The help they provided may well have been at a time when they felt like saying no.
They were tired, they had other commitments, they had deadlines approaching and a number of other issues that could make someone say no on a daily basis.

They chose to ignore this, to say yes and in turn they had a positive effect.

I know this will not sway those who scoffed, at the start of this blog, at the idea of saying yes to everything.

There will be a number of fear inducing thoughts running through your mind as to why you can not do this:

‘What if I let someone down?’
‘What if I can provide them with the time they need?’ ‘
What if I mess up at work by taking on too much?’
‘Why should I help them, all they come to me for is help?’
‘I’m far too busy.’
‘There are other people better at this than me.’
‘Why are they interrupting me?
‘Can’t they see I’m busy?’

The list could go on and on.

The reality is you are creating objections in your own mind as to why you should not help.
In most cases the help is relatively small in the grand scheme of things and requires little extra effort. Whilst the effort may be small the benefit to the person receiving your support is likely to be HUGE.

Changing behaviour can be a scary thing, so I’ll let you into a little secret and tip about saying yes to everything – you don’t need to tell anyone you are doing it!

Tomorrow (I’ll leave you to decide when and where) choose an hour in the day.
In this hour say yes to everything that is asked of you, but don’t tell anyone you are doing this.

How did it feel?
How did the other person respond?
What impact did it have on their life?
What other opportunities could you find where your answer will be ‘yes?’

Schedule in another hour, that day or later in the week, where your answer will be ‘yes.’

Repeat this pattern and before long you will have significantly increased the level of support and positivity you are putting out there, with very little increase in terms of time and effort.

If you truly believe this, then you will make it so.

Believe More and take action.

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