It’s New! I Must Have it Now!

It’s New! I Must Have It Now!

How many times have you heard this inner voice..?

‘When I get paid I’m going to buy the latest ‘add gadget/clothing/cosmetics/video game’

It gets to the point where you convince yourself it is no longer something you want, but something you need.

‘Well, I need ‘generic fruit based gadget’ because it will completely transform my life in ways I can’t even think of right now!

All your friends have one and you would feel terrible if you did not join the party, right?

I have a friend who, if they see something is new, is instantly drawn to it. I have seen him flutter through shops and supermarkets like a light deprived moth. Sorry. You know who you are.

The need overpowers logic and it becomes a decision based on emotion.

Now, I’m not saying we should resist this voice. Hell, in fact I encourage it from time to time. Sometimes there is nothing better than impulse buying.

I’m sure you may have your own vices (mine is coffee). We all give into them from time to time (all the time if it is coffee!).

Be honest and ask how many times a day/week you have a need to buy/have something.


Will it make you a better person?

Will it make you happier?

Will it make someone else happier?

Live In The Moment

I encourage you to step back and look at what you have right now.

I’m not talking about material things.

I’m talking about family, friendships, experiences you’ve had and the emotions these have invoked.

I’m guilty of ignoring my own advice when taking pictures on my phone, instead of being ‘in the moment.’

Being able to look at a great picture is wonderful, yet you may be cheating yourself of the experience.

Take in the colour, the sounds and the smells – live the moment and not the pixels.

Sometimes it is enough to reflect and appreciate what we have right now. Forget about what you don’t have or are yet to acquire.


Some takeaways to think and act on:

  • What do you have today that makes you truly happy?
  • Have you shared this with someone?
  • What difference could you make by sharing this idea?

Believe and Take Action

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  1. May 17, 2015

    Great blog. I’m certainly attracted to the new, then find myself frequently going to the tip with all those old “new” things that clearly I didn’t need. Agree that it’s not about ‘settling’ but about enjoying.

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