Look! A Sloth! – How To Be Great In Meetings

Look! A Sloth! – How To Be Great In Meetings

Meetings in work are unavoidable

I know, I know. I feel your pain.

I have been part of the reason why the meetings were great and why they sucked.

I want to share with you one actionable idea on how to be great in meetings.

Hey You Guys!

Have you ever seen a sloth, in the flesh?

I’m wagering you have seen one on the TV? They are odd-looking creatures and of course they move, well, like a sloth! Hey, Sloth fans, did you know they can take up to a month to digest a meal?

Why are you starting this article with Sloth related trivia I hear you cry?

I visited London Zoo with my family. It was my Daughter’s first time seeing animals like this. Up until now she had only experienced the farm-yard type.

We looked at the Tiger’s and the Llama’s and whilst she looked interested I was a touch disappointed. Her reactions were quite cool and some animals she waltzed past, eager to see something else.

This all changed when she saw the Sloth.

In fact, there were two Sloth, both hanging upside down, grabbing fruit from a large shallow bowl. Their long limbs ended with long and pointed claws.

My Daughter watched open-mouthed. It was unlike anything she had ever seen before.

Her focus and concentration was laser like. She was not interested in moving on.

I envied the way she was experiencing something new for the first time. Something that blew her mind, stopped her in her tracks and filled her with joy.

Meetings, Meetings Everywhere

How many times can we say we experience this as adults and even more so at work?

We go to so many meetings, already deciding what we are going to see and hear.

We cherry pick evidence that reinforces our belief system. We dismiss anything that does not.

What if we resisted the norm and attempted to enter the situation as if it were for the first time?

What would we hear, what would we see, what would we experience?

For those that say it is impossible, I would challenge this.

Name your price. How much would someone have to pay you, to have a mindset where you approach it with a clear mentality?

£20? £20,000? £200,000 £2,000,000?

Whatever your answer it shows your ability to achieve a mindset is not down to money.

It is down to choice.

This being true you can decide to make a positive change. One which impacts you and the people around you.

You can turn a meeting that sucks into a meeting that soars. You can be great in meetings.

One Moment

The next time you are about to enter a meeting, take a moment.

  • Challenge yourself to have a clear and open mind.
  • Imagine you are hearing some of the information for the first time.
  • Be curious and intrigued by your colleagues approach, style and the ideas they offer.
  • Imagine them with long claws and attempting to reach the fruit bowl..

Erm, perhaps not the last one but you get what I mean!

Make the meeting soar!

Believe and Take Action

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