Five Simple Gratitude Hacks to Inspire Your People

Not feeling appreciated at work can be incredibly tough.

I suspect we have all been in situations where we have done a great job and the feedback has been lukewarm at best.

When we receive gratitude for a job well done it lifts us, makes us want to deliver again and minimises some of the negative aspects of the job.

As a Leader, there is an expectation to achieve results, deal with conflict, build rapport – the list could go on and on. You assume many different identities, in some cases assuming more than one identity at a time.
As a leader (we can all be leaders, even if our title does not reflect this) it can be challenging, tiring and difficult to prioritise.

Everyone has a huge hunger to know they are doing well, moving in the right direction and contributing to the cause.

I have five simple tips to help you develop a habit of daily gratitude and have a positive impact to those around you.

Missing the Opportunity?

Failure to acknowledge this could be for many reasons:

* You may believe they are ‘just doing their job’ – what do they need praise for?
* You may fear others will feel left out, if they are not also praised.
* You don’t get praised by your boss, so why should anyone else?

Building a daily habit (yes, daily!) is a powerful way of showing appreciation and gratitude for effort and hard work.

Here are five simple gratitude hacks you can do straight away.

Thank You – Say it and mean it

Saying ‘thank you’ is an immediate way of showing gratitude. Ultimately it is polite to say thank you. Doing this daily is key to developing a daily habit.

Thank You – Be Specific

Be specific when giving gratitude. Explaining why you appreciate their effort, will work wonders. It is more powerful and you are more likely to see them repeat the behaviour.

‘Karen, I just wanted to say thank you for representing the team at a difficult meeting today. The feedback I’ve had is really positive and they were impressed by how calmly you communicated the key points.’

Much more powerful than ‘Thank you for going to the meeting.’ Right?

Don’t Sit on It

Positive feedback is always great so don’t wait days, or weeks, before you provide the feedback.
Where possible do it immediately and no later than the end of the same day. The longer you leave it, the less impact it will have and the less likely you are to see the behaviour repeated.

Monetize It

Most companies have a recognition scheme, allowing you to nominate a colleague for a monetary rewardRewards often start at £10 and reward budgets are often under utilised.

Write a Thank You Note

The art of writing is slowly on the decline but don’t let this stop you! Writing a small note or card, highlighting effort and the impact this had, will be powerful and memorable. I know people who still have thank you cards pinned to their desk, years after receiving them. If you struggle to say it, write it.

There are many ways in which you can show simple gratitude for effort and hard work. The above examples are some of the most simple and powerful.

How do you show daily gratitude and what works well for you?

I would love to hear about interesting and unique ways of making people feel valued.

Believe and take action.

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