Eight Awesome and Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

As the last frantic days of Christmas shopping approach I wanted to share eight unique Christmas gift ideas. Some of the gifts will cost zero money, some a little money and some of the gifts can even be for people you have never met. In a holiday that can be driven by mass materialism how amazing would it be to gift something to a complete stranger?

Here are eight awesome and unique Christmas gift ideas. I want to reduce your stress, add a personal touch and make the Christmas period a memorable one.

Writing a Letter

The evolution of e-mail, text and social media means the art of letter writing is slowly dying. In fact I imagine many people have never written a letter. Taking the time to write something, putting thought into it, will mean a lot the recipient. It could be a letter to a loved one (great if you sometimes struggle to verbalise how you feel), a letter to yourself (stating what you will achieve in the following year) or someone who makes big impact on your personal or working life. I guarantee this gift will be remembered for years to come.

Charity Donation

Christmas can feel money orientated and there will be many people, on Christmas morning, who wake up with very little. Donating to a relevant charity is a small way of making a difference. Many businesses have links with local charities, specifically geared towards helping families and especially children at Christmas. For the price of a few cups of coffee, you could really put a smile on someone’s face and make it memorable for the right reasons. There are so many charities out there so choose one close to your heart and make a donation.

christmas gift ideas

Apple or Amazon?

Whilst it may seem impersonal, gifting an Apple or Amazon gift card/e-card can make for a great gift.
You don’t have the awkwardness of getting the gift wrong, they can choose exactly what they want and hopefully the gift they choose will remind you of them when they use it. If you want to take it a notch further, most Apple or Amazon music can be gifted directly to the individual, if you know their details. A great way of surprising someone.

Pay it Forward

Not as popular in the UK, as it is in the US, but it is definitely on the rise. Many companies will allow you to buy food and/or drink for the homeless – Starbucks and McDonald’s for example. All you need to do is ask and if they will allow you to ‘pay it forward’. You then let them know what you want to pay for. When someone homeless comes into the venue, they will check to see if anything is available. If it is they will be given a free drink or meal. Simple and powerful.


How many of your relationships have eroded over the course of the last year? It may seem schmaltzy but Christmas is a great time of year to reconnect and get things back on track. Think about Old Man Marley and the reunion with his Son and Grandchildren in Home Alone. Who doesn’t love that scene? If you are struggling with how you might reconnect at work, see the next suggestion.

christmas gift ideas

Help Someone

Helping someone costs next to nothing. In fact the only thing it normally costs is your time. Putting some time aside to help will make a huge difference. Sometimes listening is enough, especially if the person is struggling with a solution. In most cases, when we deal with a problem, the answer is already within us – talking about it helps to tease out the solution and having someone listen is a valuable gift you can give to someone.

Volunteer Work

Time is precious and although we feel like we have little time, how we choose to spend our time is the real challenge. How we choose to spend our time will make us feel we are either time rich or time poor. Volunteer work can be a great use of that time and will have a powerful impact with those you choose to help. There are many schemes out there, so think about what is important to you and your values – there will be something out there for everyone. https://do-it.org/ is one of the most popular organisations, linking volunteers to the right opportunity.


You may know someone who is passionate about a particular topic or product. Subscription services have become a great way of providing a unique Christmas gift idea. Some subscriptions can be done month by month, others require a longer commitment. You might love coffee, beer, socks, make-up, books, or candles. The list is endless and whatever you are into you are probably going to find a subscription service. Drop a heavy hint to your loved ones and you have a gift that keeps on giving. Well, it will for as long as they are prepared to pay.

Have a great Christmas break, enjoy the time with your friends, family and loved ones.

I hope you have enjoyed my list of eight unique Christmas gift ideas.

If you have other ideas to expand this list then please add them to the comments or on the Facebook Page.

Happy gifting!

Believe and take action.

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