55 Awesome Tips To Make You Feel Better About Yourself

Helper’s High

We all want to feel better about ourselves, no matter how we are doing in life.

I want to share with you 55 awesome tips to feel better about yourself. Every tip is straightforward to action and will have a positive impact.

The tips have a heavy slant on helping others and there is good reason for this.

When we help others we get what some studies refer to as ‘helper’s high.’ We do something of value for a friend or complete stranger and we also feel a psychological benefit. I want to provide you with ideas to help others and in turn feel better about yourself.

55 Awesome Tips To Make You Feel Better About Yourself


Exercise reduces stress via the release of endorphins. These chemicals in the brain act as natural painkillers. They also help to improve your ability to sleep. Sleep is a key factor in helping to reduce stress.

Smile at a stranger

This may feel like an odd one but try it out. The number of people people smiling back will surprise you.

Give up your seat on the bus/train

I know, I know you’ve had a hard day. Do it anyway and give someone a break.

Tips Make Feel Better


There are thousands of volunteer networks out there. Find something close to your heart and ask how you can help.

Leave money in a vending machine

Leave a post it note and tell the next person to enjoy a treat – it’s on you!

Take someone for a coffee

The gift of coffee is awesome, always. More important than coffee is the opportunity to reconnect and listen to a friend.

Ask someone how they are feeling

This simple act can have a huge impact on someone, especially if they are having a tough time.

Give parents a break and look after their child for an hour or two

Having been in this situation I can’t tell you how relieved and greatful you are for the offer of help – especially if very young

Donate to a charity of your choice

You may not be able to volunteer your time. Your money can make a huge difference. Choose something close to your heart and help others.

Watch a funny film with friends

Watching on your own is fine (laughing releases those magical endophins). Watching with friends is so much better.

Take in an art gallery

Art galleries are free most of the time, so wander around and take in the sights. You may not feel arty but I guarantee you will see something you like.

Treat yourself to extra sleep

The majority of us are sleep deprived. Catching up on some extra sleep will see your body and your mind thank you for it.

Tips Make Feel Better

Go for a walk and get some fresh air

Studies show brain activity goes through the roof when you take a walk and get some fresh air. You are more alert, more creative and you also gain some physical benefits.

Plan your next trip

That feeling when you return from holiday and wish you were back on the beach. Yes, that. Counter that feeling by booking a trip for the future and block booking the time off.

Help a colleague at work without expecting anything in return

Kindness is magic and when we help others it makes us feel good. Everyone needs help with something. Find out what their need is and help them take the weight off.


World class performers in all fields meditate. It helps to clear your mind and focus on what is important. Scepticism about meditation is natural. Try it. You won’t be disappointed.

Practice gratitude – journal etc

Being grateful for what you have is a great way of making you feel better. Developing this daily habit increases your level of gratitude and mood.

Seven second breathing

You can do this at any time but times of stress and anxiety are especially powerful. Breathe in for a full seven seconds and then breathe out for seven seconds. Repeat as many times as you feel necessary.

A cold shower

Lots of evidence exists about the power of cold showers both physical and mental. Be brave and turn the dial..

Tips Make Feel Better

Tidy up and de-clutter

You know that feeling when everything is messy and cluttered? Ugh. Have a clear out of your desk, your house, your car – whatever it is, de-clutter. It will feel great!

Read a favourite book

If you love to read you will have a favourite book. Delve back into the story and feel good about why you liked it first time round. Great for escapism.

Celebrate success every day – even the small stuff

We get into the mindset that we have to celebrate the big wins. This could not be further from the truth. The small stuff matters. Aim to celebrate one small success per day.

Drink water

Just as we are sleep deprived we are also dehydrated most of the time. Aim to drink eight glasses a day and reap the benefits both physically and mentally.

Sing – car drivers

I don’t drive and I’m not much of a singer but I’m always struck by how happy other drivers look when they are singing. Put your favourite track on and don’t worry about who is watching.

Get up and watch a sunrise

I tend to be up in the mornings and I’m fortunate to see amazing colours in the sky as the sun rises.

Tips Make Feel Better

Do something different – book a new class, watch a different type of film, read different websites

Doing the same activity makes us feel like we are in a rut. Change it up. Learn something new and challenge yourself. Meet new people and pick up a new skill. It will feel exciting and you will feel better.

Free writing – mind splurge

Free writing is a technique to help declutter your mind. Sit down with a pad or paper and start writing down whatever pops into your head. Try not to concentrate too much, write what comes naturally.

Tell one person you admire and respect them

If you are sincere it will not come over as cheesy. The receipient, touched by your kindness and compliment, will love it.

Write down five things you are proud of from the last three months

It is so easy to focus on the stuff we are not happy about. We do great work and impact each other positively. It is time to recognise this.

Put down your phone

I love technology and I’m a big fan of documenting what goes on around us. Every now and again I like to look with my own eyes and appreciate what is in front of me. Put down the filter and look at life without a lens.

Do the one thing you have been putting off and do it in the next 60 mins

Otherwise known as ‘swallowing your frog.’ We procrastinate and put off, because we fear failure, rejection or both. Do it in the next 60 mins and feel the relief wash over you.

Tips Make Feel Better

Create a goals board

Creating goals and taking action against them is a sure fire way of feeling better about yourself. Create a goals board and review it on a weekly basis, inspiring you to greater things.

Make a playlist of your favourite songs – even the guilty pleasures

Everyone has a list of great songs that instantly cheer them up. I never fail to smile listening to this.

Clear out old clothes and make way for the new!

Similar to the de clutter idea. You will be surprised by how many old clothes you have, some more than others. Clear the old stuff out and treat yourself to one or two new items.

Do something creative – writing, art, cooking etc

Learning a new skill or enhancing an existing one is brilliant at making you feel better. Choose a passion and dedicate an hour or two a week.

Play your favourite game

Like the film idea. Great on your own but always better with a group of friends. The escapism can be light relief from a tough week at work.

Send someone a note/e-mail thanking them or saying well done

I have a friend who still talks about an e-mail I sent to them several year ago. I welcomed them to the team and told them they were going to be great. I love the impact this still has years later.

A hot bath and fresh bedding

I’m a shower kind of guy but I know lots of people who find this combination irrisitible. Combine it with an early night to catch up on sleep and you have double delight.

Tips Make Feel Better

Hold a door open for someone

How many times have you expected someone to hold a door open for you and they have not done so? Don’t be that person. Kindness is magic.

Really listen to someone

We feign listening and miss important details. Really listening to someone and giving them your full attention is one of the kindest and respect filled things you can do for another person.

Stop and help someone who looks lost

You will be out shopping and you know straight away if someone is lost or unsure on where to go. Stop and ask if you can help. This simple act will instantly reduce their stress.

Read a story to a child (if you can make one up – even better)

Reading a story to a child is a great way to end their day and a wonderful way for you to start your evening.

Gift a book you have enjoyed

We can all recommend a great book, film or show we have seen. Few of us buy a book and give it to someone on the strength of the recommendation. Help someone see what you have seen.

Tips Make Feel Better

Say Sorry – even if the sorry should have been months ago

We all have moments of looking back and feeling less than proud of our actions. Clear the air, say sorry and heal the relationship.

Visit a friend or relative you have not seen for ages

Our lives are busy and our relationships can suffer. If you have a friend or relative you have not seen then drop by and surprise them.

Do something unexpected for a loved one

I’ll leave you to choose this one, it can be anything. I find the smallest unexpected surprises have the biggest impact. Gentleman – try doing a chore you would not normally do.

Give blood

Not everyone can donate blood. If you can you are providing something life saving. If you have a rare blood type then this becomes even more important.

Video message for someone who is housebound

A happy birthday message for example. Something they can play back over and over again will make them smile and you are making this smile happen.

Pay It Forward drink or meal

This is becoming more popular and you can pay for someone less fortunate to get a hot meal or drink

Public wish list on Amazon – send a gift to a stranger

I keep saying it but kindness is magic.

Plan a Christmas hamper and donate to a family less fortunate

Charities will take the hamper and donate but you may know a family less fortunate.

Tips Make Feel Better

Ask someone if you can help – it can be anything

Everyone needs help with something. Help relieve the pressure in their daily life and make a positive difference.

Share a positive story or blog post (ahem)

I love getting comments from friends or strangers about how a post resonated with them. There are thousands of articles online so if you stumble across something worthwhile share it with a friend.

Mentor a stranger

Horsesmouth offers people the opportunity to mentor others online. You may choose to mentor someone via an introduction from a friend. Mentoring is a powerful way of helping others and allowing them to tap into your experience.

Give someone a hug

Sometimes there is nothing better than a hug. Simple and effective!

You don’t have to try all 55 ideas. Choose the ideas that resonate with you and play around with them. When you put one of the ideas into action think about the impact this will have on the other person. Acknowledge how you feel. Don’t feel guilty about experiencing the ‘helper’s high’ as it is completely natural.

By using any of the ideas you will be spreading positivity, helping others and helping yourself to feel better.

What would you add to the list? I look forward to hearing from you once you have tried some of the ideas out.

I would love to hear about what happened and how the other person reacted.

Have a great week.

Believe and Take Action

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