1.32 am And I Can’t Sleep

1.32 am And I Can’t Sleep

1.32am. Monday morning.

It’s always the same time. I can’t sleep.
I’ll toss and turn and my wife will complain about me being restless.

We have all been there and experienced the torture of not being able to sleep.

I’ve had all week to be concerned about work but my mind is ramping up into overtime.

I rarely give work a second thought over the weekend (which is a discipline all its own). Yet at 1.32am on a Monday morning my head is full of work issues.

There have been occasions where I have spent two or three hours attempting to get back to sleep.

Just as the light is starting to break through I drop off.

It seems like a blink of an eye when my alarm starts to chime at around 5.50am.

How can we deal with the interruptions and avoid starting Monday sluggishly?

Sleep Tactics

In a perfect world I would avoid the 1.32am wake up call. If this does not work then controlling the gap between 1.32am and getting back to sleep is key.

I have developed a couple of strategies that help me and they will help you too.
Can't Sleep

Notepad and Pen

In most instances the 1.32am wake up call is about the day ahead.

It is a list of tasks or people I need to speak to, swirling around my head.

Having a notepad and pen ready is effective in listing all the things swirling around my head.

It gives me comfort that I have addressed everything and it is not going to be neglected.

In the morning I will transfer the note on to my phone – Evernote is great for this and you can do one of two things. Either type it in manually or take a photo. The latter scans the photo and you search the text as you would a word document. Amazing huh?


I can hear you ask the obvious question. ‘Why don’t you just put the notes straight on to your phone?’ ‘Why are you duplicating?’

Well, there are a couple of reasons.

Opening the phone means I’m likely to check my Twitter feed, Facebook and anything else that feeds my information addiction.

Studies also suggest using your phone at night upsets sleep patterns.

Can't Sleep

Thanking Your Mind

I got this one from David Taylor (Naked Coach/Naked Leader).

It does not work every single time.

However I have used it often enough for it to rank second in my all time list of 1.32am techniques.

It is as simple as it sounds – you thank your mind for raising the concerns and issues.

The idea is it tricks your subconscious and settles down your internal voice.

I know it may sound a bit weird but try it. It works!

Oh, say the words to yourself. Fine if you are alone but I would not want any injuries due to waking up the person next to you.

So there you have a couple of actionable tips to help deal with the work gremlins and you can’t sleep.

I would love to hear the hints and tips you use to deal with the times when you can’t get back to sleep.

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